With the help of McCain Foods Limited and the McCain Social Enterprise Project Partnership, Project Sucseed is travelling over 3000kms from St. John’s, NL to Carleton-Victoria County, New Brunswick. The partnership will help increase food security in rural households that cannot afford or do not have access to fresh produce, in addition to, help residences more easily commit to healthy lifestyle changes with lasting benefits.

“Through Project Sucseed’s three initiatives: individual growing, co-operative business model, and educational awareness, Carleton County will be able to increase its residences’ food security sustainably through the use of hydroponic systems,” said David MacGregor | Sr. Manager, Finance Retail & Foodservice, McCain Foods Limited. “We are proud to support the expansion of this social business to help residences in our hometown.”

The first of four trips to the county happened in July and reached over 100 people specifically in the Florenceville-Bristol area. When Enactus Memorial volunteers first arrived at the Florenceville Farmer’s Market, they were greeted by county locals eager to learn about hydroponic units and share their own growing experiences.

Project Sucseed Farmer's Market

Following the Farmer’s Market, Enactus Memorial was invited to present Project Sucseed to 75 McCain Foods Limited employees. A handful of dedicated employees purchased the hydroponic systems with the intent to showcase the benefits of growing.

After a successful visit to the McCain Foods Limited headquarters, Enactus Memorial volunteers ventured to the Florenceville Community Centre, where residents could learn more about Project Sucseed and get involved. They were met by enthusiastic residents eager to get the hydroponic systems into food banks and provide produce to residents that lack food security.

The last stop of the tour took Enactus Memorial volunteers to Fallsbrooke Centre’s 8th Annual Free School event where community members could learn more about organic growing practices and living off the land. Project Sucseed will help community members’ access fresh and local produce, especially in the winter months when access to fresh, affordable produce is scarce.

For more information about Enactus Memorial’s Project Sucseed, please visit www.enactusmemorial.com/index.php/project-sucseed.