Guest blog by Meghan Bettiol

Meghan BettiolTo be totally honest, I did not expect anything remotely close to this.

Coming from a journalism program, when I first heard of Enactus I was just hoping to get a good article about the first year Sheridan College team for the school’s newspaper. After speaking with the president I suppose you could say I felt inspired.

Although one of the cardinal rules of journalism is to never mix work with personal life, I felt as though joining my college’s team would be beneficial. It was.

I soon met many students who became peers. People I would probably never have had the opportunity to speak to were helping me understand finances and marketing issues, while I (hopefully) taught them a little bit about writing and editing.

The term “Enactus” quickly became part of my vocabulary. I found it fun to start writing more and more on the events Enactus Sheridan College held. Getting involved was extremely easy. I became one of the networking project leads in no time.


I attended the regional competition held in my own city, Mississauga, Ontario. Upon arrival I was shocked. The amount of dedicated students from so many schools blew my mind. A half hour trip turned into two days of meeting other students and cheering on my own team. I wanted more.

A requirement of my program at Sheridan was to complete an internship. At first I had no clue who to contact or what publications or companies to even consider. Then the realization dawned on me; why not try Enactus Canada?

Long story short, after a casual interview I was accepted into Enactus Canada as the brand new public relations intern.

Now that you are up to speed, here’s what I’ve done so far on my first day: Met the people who keep Enactus Canada running, read the big book of Enactus (unfortunately not actually called that), rekindled my love of InDesign, memorized the code to get into the bathroom, and wrote this post!

And happy to be the newest member of the team.

Sheridan College Reports from the Regional Exposition in Mississauga