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Where do you see yourself in the next five years?”

We have all heard this question in an interview. What employers are really asking when they pose this question is ‘how are you managing your career?’

Career management may not be in listed as a qualification in the job description but it is subtly asked by employers for a reason.

Employers want to know that you are capable of taking ownership for and managing your career. Being able to set realistic and achievable career goals as well as identify and develop ways to improve your employability shows you can take initiative.

Some tips on how to manage your career include:

  • Continuous Learning – You can show you are willing to improve yourself professionally by learning new skills and keeping up with developments in the workplace and across your industry.
  • Planning – As a student, things can get pretty hectic throughout the school year. Take advantage of the free time you have throughout the summer to reflect on where you want to be once you have completed your studies. Whether you plan to continue your studies or head straight into the workforce, options for the next step should be formulated well before graduation.
  • Start Talking – Talk to other students, make an appointment with your campus’ career center, have coffee with your favourite professor and consult your friends for ideas on how to further your career.
  • Getting Involved – Enactus Canada provides many great career opportunities from one-on-one and group interviews to workshops to networking at career fairs during Regional and National Expositions. The national office team is here to connect you with our corporate partners in any way we can – so let us know what opportunities you would like to see.

Enactus - Day2 - Low Res-108To be prepared to start a career after graduation, start thinking about your job path now.

You can always change your mind, and certainly your career will take several turns throughout your lifetime. That said, a little planning and a lot of networking can go a long way to ensure your success.

Enactus Canada is here to help. Let us be your top resource!