Fabio PiccolottoFabio Piccolotto, Enactus George Brown alumnus, is a full-time Financial Advisor with Scotiabank, Canada’s most international bank.

How did he get there? Enactus.

In his final year at George Brown, Fabio signed up for the Enactus Canada Talent Community and was immediately selected for an interview with Scotiabank at the Enactus Canada National Exposition.

After he was called in for a follow up round of interviews at Scotiabank, he discovered the Branch Manager had been a judge at the same National Exposition where he had his initial interview.

“It was easy to connect with him after that,” Fabio recalls. “We spent time talking about Enactus, the event, George Brown’s projects and my role on the team. I got a call a week later with an offer!”

Being a part of Enactus also helped him develop vitally important skills for his role at Scotiabank.

“One of the things you learn through Enactus is time management and being able to set timely goals,” says Fabio. “This is the biggest learning from Enactus that has been transferred to my role at Scotiabank. It’s crucial to my work, from planning my day to scheduling customer meetings to getting the right amount of training, etc.”

With newly developed skills and key connections made, Enactus helped Fabio go even further by assisting with the transition from school to work.

“Being a student is different from the workplace and Enactus helped to make the smooth transition,” says Fabio. “Enactus instills in you a sense of responsibility because of the expectations from professors, the team and project beneficiaries. That sense of responsibility helps to transition into the workplace where you have even more responsibilities, demands and expectations.”

Through networking opportunities, experiential learning and a variety of career development programs, Enactus Canada is cultivating high impact, values-driven leaders. Fabio’s success speaks to the success of their programs.

With all that said, what is Fabio’s number one piece of advice for Enactus students?

“Take advantage of the Talent Community!” Fabio says emphatically. “I signed up for the first time before the National Exposition and ended up getting my first job after graduating because of that! I really can’t express how crucial the Talent Community was in getting me my first job out of school.”