Scott - jamesmichaelpaul 1As a key member of your Enactus support structure, an engaged and active faculty advisor is vital to your team’s success.

A motivated faculty advisor assists with team operations, project development and sustainability while making time for team meetings and supporting individual team members.

A strong Enactus team has a faculty advisor who works to institutionalize Enactus within an academic institution and communicates with the Enactus Canada national office for reporting purposes and continuous improvement for the team.

How can you engage and motivate a faculty advisor at your school?

  • Share Your Passion: Talk to your faculty advisor – or potential faculty advisor – about why Enactus is important to you and what you want to accomplish. Inspire them with your dream for a better, more sustainable community!
  • Engage Them Regularly: Embed your faculty advisor as a integral part of your team. Ensure they are involved in project and team development as well as community engagement. They are incredible resources – use them!
  • Say Thank You – Every success your team achieves is because of the efforts of every member of your team – including your faculty advisor. Be sure to show your appreciation for their time and effort. You can even nominate them for an Enactus award!

faculty sfuRemember that a motivated and involved faculty advisor is your link to more institutional support from your school and professional connections within your community. This makes them crucial to your team’s sustainability.

On behalf of the entire Enactus Canada community, we thank our faculty advisors for supporting Enactus in academic institutions across Canada and building a better, more sustainable world.